Our Story

In 2010, Metis Jujing was created in Shanghai and Hong Kong by Catherine Becker, Chen Chen and Sizhang Kong out of a desire to be at the heart of one of the most complex and rapidly changing markets in the world. This fresh perspective from one of the world’s foremost laboratories for contemporary marketing not only served to help clients on the Chinese and Asian markets but also positioned the team of international researchers to help clients all over the world.

Our BRICS Positioning

Metis Jujing is now working to broaden its global approach from China to Europe to Latin America. Our future projects will bring us to Singapore, Jakarta, and São Paulo all with the same philosophy of small, agile and inspired global thinking, but simultaneously drawing from local market experiences.

What’s behind our name ?

Our name is first and foremost a series of sounds and symbols that evoke something new, different, and international. If people stop there, that’s just fine with us…but like any name there is always a story behind it with multiple levels of understanding… 

Metis (μῆτις) in Ancient Greek means "cunningness, wisdom, craft, skill"

Métis (of French origin) is a cognate of Mestizo (Spanish: [mesˈtiθo] or [mesˈtiso]), Mestiço (Portuguese: [mɨʃˈtisu], [mesˈtisu] or [mesˈtʃisu]).
Mestís (Catalan: [məsˈtis]), Meticcio (Italian: [meˈtittʃo]), Mestiezen (Dutch: [mesˈtizən]), and Mix (English).

Consumers in every local market are more than ever global citizens with a strong sense of belonging to both local and global cultures. Brands, products, design, services are in a constant process of co-creation with consumers. We are interested in the fusion, re-creation, and appropriation processes that take place in contemporary marketing as the keys for developing successful strategy. Our role, therefore, is to be the cultural intermediary in the dialogue that our clients want to have with their consumers.