Our Experts

Our team of experts share a combined wealth of knowledge, market intelligence and a passion for individuals and brands.
Metis experts maintain a consumer-centric approach, to ensure our clients fully understand the realities and challenges of the current environment.
To us, brands are cultural elements which help people to better understand societal changes and needs.
Our deliverables are actionable outcomes and client solutions that respond to your business objectives.

We don’t believe that if something works in theory it necessarily works in practice. 

At Metis, our approach  is founded on proven facts and a passion  for revealing the world in terms of how it really is from a constant interaction with consumers.

Our internal experts

Catherine BeckerCatherine Becker
Sizhang KongSizhang Kong
Chen ChenChen Chen
Reed FleetwoodReed Fleetwood
Xiaoyuan ZengXiaoyuan Zheng
Marguerite FritzMarguerite Fritz

Catherine Becker leads the team with talent and enthusiasm, continuously challenging market research codes and stretching boundaries. She internalizes market issues and challenges, whilst also building on and growing with developments, making valuable contributions to the industry.
Her approach and philosophy is centered around challenging ideas for a better understanding of people’s needs all over the world. 
With more than 20 years of experience dedicated to international brands, Catherine’s success is founded on an expert understanding of Human Sciences, Philosophy and Art. Catherine has forged a name for herself within the industry, commanding recognition and respect across multiple markets. Her clients have followed her since the beginning, with Catherine supporting their growth, bearing witness to strategic launches and brand acquisitions in diverse sectors such as luxury, spirits and fashion.
Her strong sense of exigency and curiosity has also lead her to become an expert in Chinese Contemporary Art, with her last book dedicated to China’s mutations through brands and Contemporary Art.

Sizhang Kong, Chen Chen, Reed Fleetwood, Xiaoyuan Zheng and Marguerite Fritz are all Metis expert marketing consultants. Their strengths are that they share their consulting time with a wide variety of unique skills:
Researchers, academics, analysts, and moderators. 
They strongly believe in the necessity of fieldwork to best meet consumer needs and understand driving behaviors.
All with scientific backgrounds, their approach is steeped in logic, never arguing an idea without evidence. For them, facts are facts.

For more than 10 years they have been conducting research and sharing their expertise in Luxury, Cosmetics, Wine and Spirits, Fashion, Human Sciences and Cultural Diversity, all over the world.

Asking, reading, sense-checking, and finally, providing evidence is their motto.

Our team speaks fluent Chinese, French and English, and have tertiary education backgrounds from prestigious universities in China, France, and the USA.

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