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“I like to share my photos of dining out on my QQ Zone. I can get over 100 likes each time, from my friends and strangers. When some foodie expert have a keen eye to find out which restaurant I am at, I immediately recognize him/her as my confidant as he/she understands me!” (17, Female, high school student and comic fan, Beijing, digital native immersion study )

“I added the official accounts of brands in WeChat only get discounts, but I never checked them anymore. There are so many updates everyday, how can I possibly read them all? (26, Female, heavy perfume user, Chengdu, Well-being study)

“I’m fascinated about A site and B site because they are full of interesting videos with 弹幕 (pop-up comments). When I find ten milion otakus watching the same movie with me at the same time, I no longer feel lonely.”(22, male, university student, band leader, heavy gamer and comic fan, Shanghai, digital native immersion study)

Are these verbatim familiar or surprising to you? Are they in line with or in contrast with your portrait of the digital natives in China? As brand stakeholders, you may be wondering how to attract your target audience in digital channels and how to make your digital strategy effective in contributing to your brand awareness and image.

Metis would like to invite you to join our ongoing endeavor in decoding the myths surrounding these new digital spaces, through a variety of surprising truths :


• Why and how digital tools help bridge the generation gap between digital natives and their parents (digital immigrants) by proposing a pre-figurative culture;
• Why list-style posts like “5 tips to improve your wellness” are the top shared and what are the main motivations behind that ;
• How video streaming sites with 弹幕 (pop-up comments) become an engaging way of socialization.

We will be holding a series of talks, workshops, and on-site ethno immersions by Metis Digital Hub launched in 2015 and contact us to see our portfolios of your interest.

What is YOUR QUESTION about DIGITAL that you’d like to discuss with us at Metis Club?   Email us your question & confirm your attendance:

You are warmly invited on Wednesday, October 28 at 19:00, a creative informal buffet will be provided.
Participation fee: 100 RMB

Our address: 729, North Shaanxi Road, Shanghai

Metis Team