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When modernity meets family, the cornerstone of Chinese culture: collision, fusion or coexistence?

Family used to be a world of duty, obligation, and respect for authority. Yet from the 80s, the opening of China has initiated different codes.

Thirty years have passed and the world has changed: the post 80s generation has become the pillar of the family. The consumption society to which people have adhered as a carrier of hope has turned into a source of constraints and pressures. The digital has revolutionized all our habits and our relationship to others and within the family. In this context, what does the family become?

• How are the trade-offs related to nutrition, meals and snacks in home or in a restaurant within three generations with different or even opposing values?

• What is the new aspirational model for these mothers deprived of their role by the grandparents but wanting to balance their life being a “woman"?

• How do they take joint decisions (purchase of a house, a car, choice to have a second child or to send the grandparents to nursing home...)? How can a brand become creative and reassuring at the same time?

Metis, with its field experience and analysis from multiple viewpoints, laid the foundations of reflection on the societal transformation of family life.

Following the study of “Well-being/happiness” 2014/2015, which aims to understand the digital natives, the role of digital for them, their conception of happiness, Metis launches a center dedicated to the reflection on family. A “Metis Family Program” will be launched next year, composed of a series of seminars of sectoral intelligence accompanied by a multi-client study deepening these approaches.

These initiatives aim to help brands to capture this new situation and to find innovative paths that create business opportunities for tomorrow.

You are warmly invited, in a non-competitive and limited selection of our loyal clients, on Thursday, July 16 at 9:30.

A summary document will be provided to the participants.

Face to face interviews can be structured by making appointment on the day with our research team.

Metis Team