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Launch of the book La Marque Rouge
Shanghai, Luxury, Art & Memory

After a first launch in Paris, the Metis team is delighted to invite you to a discussion in Shanghai about la Marque Rouge/The Red Brand, the last book of Catherine Becker, Tuesday 25th november from 7.30 pm at our office in Shanghai.

Several actors of the Chinese Contemporary Art & protagonists of the book will exchange with Catherine: Larys Frogier, director of the Rockbund Art Museum, Wang Zhe, journalist & photographer and Alexandre Ouairy, artist..

The author will sign her book during the cocktail.

« La Marque Rouge is the trace of lipstick left every morning on a child’s cheek, or that of a betrayed lover; it’s a reddened knee, a scrape, Louboutin’s red against Yves Saint Laurent…
The red brand is the Orient, China of course, but also the sun, so early to rise and set.
In China, the red brand is the brandished flag, the star, a woman’s red sweater in a sea of old men in traditional blue outfits; it’s the little red book, the schoolchild’s scarf, the manager’s armband, the signature stamp, a red tie or a smile. Yet it’s also the outfit of bloody slabs of meat Zhang Huan wears while running through New York. (…)
The red brand is what prevents you from moving on, what holds you back, what makes the stain impossible to remove…The red brand is the history and pain the subject absorbs, just as he absorbs political slogans.
The red brand is the revolution as well as forgetting the red memory; it’s what links the characters of Xiaogang, who relates connections we’d sooner forget; it’s the blood rushing to the heads of the new generation of tortured souls and emerging artists, Marc Quinn or Zhang Fenzi, it’s the imprint…
The red brand is also red princes, new princes with all their contradictions.
The red brand is energy, that of hope for a brighter tomorrow.” »

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Metis Team

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