CANCELLED - Club Metis Shanghai #7

Club Metis

Inspiration from China

When tribal Chinese craftmanship meets contemporary fashion designers.

The fashion designer Angel Chang has been working for the past 3 years with the Dong & Miao ethnic groups in the southwest of China.

Our Metis team met her during a team building with Pernod Ricard in China in Dimen, an enchanting village in the South of China, home to the Dong minority ethnic group, a community that has maintained a way of living from the past in keeping alive their unique mastery of working with textile.

Angel is heading up a fair-trade womenswear collection that supports indigenous Chinese minority cultures. As a talented and award-winning fashion designer, Angel  Chang will explain how she decided to work with the people of the Guizhou province, where fabric is part of the culture, and where weaving and dyeing processes are considered a priceless heritage passed on from mother to daughter.

In our exchange with Angel we will discuss craftmanship and the ways in which it can inspire the world of art, fashion, and any other creative sector or brand.

She will share with us how she is following up on her project by raising funds and bringing other designers from around the world, to discover these unique preserved crafts.

A sale of her unique handmade scarves will be held after the discussion.

We look forward to seeing you soon,
Metis Team

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