Club Metis Shanghai #4

Club Metis

1 city / 1 style. Shanghai-Paris: What are the influences on brands?

They are the focal points of life and symbolism of eras, cities of the world are the best ambassadors of trends. On this basis, we ask the question would Shanghai be the most representative mega-city of the beginning of the 21st century, and if so what would be its role in creativity?

Guest: Christophe Pradere, CEO of BETC DESIGN

Urban landscapes, lights in the city,  diurnal din, night decay , there is nothing more inspiring than the city for creators, designers, communicators, marketers and trend-setters.

Brands more than clichés: it’s impossible to deny the urban background of styles and trends - in fashion as well in cosmetics – such as when we speak of a typical high-fashion preppy NYC lifestyle, of a smoky-eyed glance upon the neckline of a trench in London tartan, of a Parisian red lipstick or of a Shanghainese woman with jet black square-bob hair. 

In the light of the study from the BETC DESIGN agency: Urban Beauties about the link between urban lifestyles, architecture and styles, we will question the influence of cities such as Shanghai, Paris, NYC, Seoul and how they affect our view of beauty, fashion, and finally, the brands.
Metis will add its expertise on beauty and cosmetics by mixing French and Chinese testimonials.

For this new session, Metis will also invite the audience to do projective exercises, a famous methodology preferred by qualitative researchers:

If Shanghai was a woman ?
If Paris was a brand ?

Wednesday, December 4td From 7.30pm at The Foundry.

The presentation will be in French, Chinese or English translation by request.

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