Club Metis Shanghai #3

Club Metis

Digital / brand. Which one feeds the other ?

Does digital serve the brands today or vice versa ?

Brand expert (Catherine Becker, Metis) vs digital expert (Florence Garcon, Nurum).

In the Marketing Research Industry, we strongly believe in the motto : keep questionning everything.
That's why Metis Club has decided to challenge the tide of recurring themes which has been covered to death such as the role of the Digital.

We will not question the cultural revolution nor the social changes that is brought on due to the digital era.

For us it is more a question (in a marketing point of view) of raising questions concerning the REAL  role that the digital plays towards brands today.

To highlight a potential primacy that we have to keep in mind when we build a strategy.
It is more of a question of thinking about the digital's real capacity to create value, loyalty, link, and of the existence for a brand between the consumer and the brand.

What is the true place of a consumer in the digital dialect?
What should we think of the new challenge for marketers today: the dogma of big data (how can we really use it?), outbidding information, data confidentiality, touch points consistancy ...

A trigger of attractivity or a fertile ground for creativity ?

This new session will present a debate between 2 experts, who will argue their different sides of the story for the purpose of the occasion.

2 camps, 2 passions, 2 visions : the debate is on.

Monday, November 4rd From 7.30pm at The Foundry.

The presentation will be in French, Chinese or English translation by request.

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